Porcelain veneers

A thin porcelain facing is bonded to the front of the teeth to fix color, shape, and spacing problems.

Teeth whitening

We have a one hour in­office teeth whitening procedure using the Zoom whitening system or a Zoom take home system for patients who prefer a more gradual method.


Full braces for children and Short Term braces for adults to straighten teeth.

Implant restorations

The treatment option of choice for missing teeth today is implants. Implants allow our patients to replace missing teeth without having to treat the adjacent teeth (which would be necessary if a bridge was done). The inconvenience of a removable partial denture is also avoided.

Tooth colored fillings

We place fillings that match your tooth color, avoiding unsightly gray shadowing from dark fillings.

Treatment for children

We welcome children as young as 2 years old to our office.

Oral cancer screenings

Our patients’ overall health is very important to us. We routinely perform an oral cancer screening for our patients at least once a year.


We offer IV sedation for wisdom teeth extractions as well as for patients who need a deeper level of relaxation for dental procedures.

Emergency calls

We do our best to see patients needing emergency treatment on the same day they call us.